Friday, 16 March 2012

Tea challenge

I do not like hot drinks. This is a shame, since I am 1.English and in Russia, and tea features a great deal in both of these places. I would really like to be able to put all my woes to bed by 'sticking the kettle on', or meeting up for coffee and actually drinking coffee, not a mango/starfruit/peach froppamochalottoiceachino. (I don't go into starbucks much).

As such, I have resolved to drink tea at every opportunity in the hope that the taste will grow on me.
I feel like a fraud when I tell people I'm English but refuse tea. My life is empty and confused. The tea challenge will solve this. I shall be a connoisseur of tea. It's going to be amazing.
Starting tomorrow.
Wish me luck!

PS. Crazy filthy bab is crazier, filthier and more vindictive than ever. Babushki. Just keep away from them.

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